OPA! partners


In June 2013 we decided to partner with an inspiring and positive-minded organization called The Opa! Way.

This is a new approach to “Living & Working with Meaning”  that is uniquely inspired by Greek philosophy and culture.

More and more people around the world are looking for new ways to bring joy and meaning into their lives and as Aristotle said, to realize their full potential.  It's not about happiness and it's not about finding the one big answer to the question, "What is the meaning of my life?"  It's about what we can do every day to find joy and meaning, and to feel that our lives and work really matter. 

The founders and experts of The Opa Way are now good friends! Alex Pattakos, Ph.D and Elaine Dundon, Ph.D.

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In July 2008, we partnered with a special organization called The Johnny and Mikey Katsimatides Foundation for Life, Inc. which was named for and inspired by the tragic loss of two brothers. Mike Katsimatides who committed suicide in May of 1999 and John Katsimatides who died in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.  

The Foundation seeks to promote a diverse set of charitable endeavors, including music education, cancer research, aid for underprivileged youth, suicide prevention and the rights of crime victims by donating funds raised through a variety of community events to charities that embody the spirit, character and lives of John and Mike.  

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